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About the project:
This is the website of the Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius International School Partnership Project " The Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf ". The project is supported and funded by the European Commission

Who’s afraid of the big Bad Wolf?
The predators in culture and nature
“The culture that separates itself from the wildlife, both the environmental and the one within us, is doomed for series of self-destructive phenomena that consequently lead to self-destruction.” Gary Snyder

Human has never shown indifference against predators - fear, amazement, extermination and divine worship often walk together. Predators exist in many cultures – their architecture, myths, legends, tales, proverbs, names, etc. We shall look into our nations' resources, searching for wolves, bears, foxes and then compare the results with our partners - perhaps we have more in common than initially thought.
The aims of project:
- to get to know the partner’s culture – to learn more about similarity, to understand differences
- to make easier for students to become familiar with folklore, mythology and culture of partners countries
- to get to know the nature of partner countries
- to get to know the problems of the partner countries in the field of nature conservation

Zespół Szkół nr 1, Poland

Päinurme Internaatkool,Estonia

Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands ( icelandic )

Liceo linguistico Courmayeur s.r.l, Italy

Kauno'Santaros'Gimnazija, Lithuania

Vargstad videregående skole , Norway

Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas -

de Vila Pouca de Aguiar Sul, Portugal

Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII „Ion Creangă”,Romania

Sukromna stredna odborna skola, Slovakia

Institut Montbui, Spain

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EDITOR - Per Madsen , Vargstad Vgs , Lillehammer